US State Department spends $1 MILLION on a single granite sculpture to decorate new embassy in London

What a complete waste of We the Peoples Tax Dollars. We have American Citizens here that could have used that to be taught how to search for a JOB!!!!


What is the Three Percent?

The Oath Keepers of the United States of America's Constitution
Answer Plain and Simple:  
The Oath Keepers of the United States Constitution of America for We the People.

US Constitution Just a Piece of Paper? Our Government, Law Enforcement, & Courts Care Nothing About It.

While at my therapy session my VA therapist told me that all American Soldiers are recruited and trained to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that our GOVERNMENT and the ranks above ours will make sure the United States Constitution is Defended and Protected at all time against all enemies for ALL AMERICANS.  Guess what that is BS my therapist says, just as I thought.  NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT PIECE OF PAPER BUT US VETERANS AND SOLDIERS AND OUR FAMILY AND TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS WHO BELIEVE IN FREEDOMS AND LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!   Yes, I could have died; yes, my battles died; yes, your husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, etc. died; yes, many are disabled with physical and mental disabilities that affect them and their family and friends; ALL FOR NOTHING other than to make POLITICIANS and whoever else rich.  Soldiers are just carrying out orders to do the dirty work of something none of us knows what is really going on because NO ONE we elect gives a FUCK about our FREEDOMS, LIBERTIES, or HAPPINESS.  Ready to Wake Up now America!  If you are a Soldier, Politician, Veteran, or American that BELIEVES the Constitution should triumph in EVERYTHING AND EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES Sound off.  ~Rough Bodacious, DV~